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voucher can be used for any aspect of vein therapy offered at Vein Clinics of Hawaii, including vein disease, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency and spider veins. voucher may be used towards co-payment for any accepted insurance.

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Millions of American adults suffer from vein disease, a condition that interrupts the flow of blood to the heart. Vein disease can turn what is normally a one-way system into a two-way street, leading to a number of uncomfortable symptoms and putting patients at risk for serious complications.

Spider veins and varicose veins are an aesthetic nuisance, but for some patients they may also be a warning sign of potentially serious circulation issues. As one of the best Hawaii vein treatment centers we can provide fast, safe, and effective treatment for both issues.

Spider veins are small veins that appear close to the surface of the skin. These superficial veins are often discolored and may take on a web-like pattern. While spider veins can leave you feeling unattractive, they are unlikely to cause danger to your health.

Modern spider vein treatments such as sclerotherapy are quick and nearly painless. During the typical sclerotherapy procedure, a Hawaii spider vein expert injects a chemical solution, or sclerosant, into the vein so that it can essentially collapse on itself, stick together and no longer be able to act as a thoroughfare for the abnormal blood flow that creates bothersome symptoms such as achiness, heaviness, and swelling in the legs and feet.

Sclerotherapy can be performed on most of the leg veins that are affected by vein disease. Sclerotherapy is often used to treat spider veins for cosmetic purposes, however it is also applicable for deeper veins in some cases. To help guide the application of sclerosing solution into veins that are not visible at the skin surface, Dr. Juleff utilizes ultrasound imaging to help guide the procedure by visualizing the vein and ensuring the correct vessels are targeted.

In general, sclerotherapy is a very important and common technique for treating various abnormal veins. This procedure is performed at our center every day to treat various forms of vein problems. Dr. Juleff often performs sclerotherapy in multiple short sessions over the course of several weeks or months in order to achieve the best cosmetic outcome for each patient.

Injection sclerotherapy is another important treatment option often used for treating small to medium size problem veins that sit deeper inside the legs and are too small to be treated by other methods. Because these veins are not visible at the surface of the skin, Dr. Juleff gains a visual of the affected veins with the assistance of ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound imaging portrays an image of the body’s vein structures, which is vital in helping guide Dr. Juleff and other vein specialists in Hawaii to the right veins for treatment. Ultrasound is used extensively to reveal the location of an affected vein and to assist in the placement of the sclerosing solution into the correct veins.

Once the problem vein is located, it is injected with a medical grade chemical such as Sotradecol® or Polidocanol® to close off the flow of blood. Over time, the body naturally restores circulation through healthier leg veins.

Typically, when patients are bothered by the unsightly outer appearance of spider veins, injection sclerotherapy is considered to be the go-to treatment that can help patients gain a more youthful, healthier leg appearance. This treatment is good at eliminating the unwanted visual look of spider veins and smaller surface veins.

Because injection sclerotherapy is considered a primarily cosmetic procedure for reducing the aesthetic burden of spider veins, health insurance and Medicare do not always cover these treatments.

During a procedure, Hawaii spider vein experts use either a foam or medicinal solution approved by the FDA such as Sotradecol®, Polydocanol®. These solutions are considered to be safer and produce fewer side effects than saline solutions. The chosen solution is injected into the affected surface veins using a fine needle, essentially sealing the vein shut. The appearance of the treated vein improves with time.

Healthy veins are well equipped to transport blood back to the heart after it has circulated throughout the body. This task is facilitated by series of one-way vales that line the vein walls. When the muscles surrounding a vein contract, the valves open and allow blood to flow towards the heart. When the muscles relax the valves close, preventing blood from flowing backwards.

Unfortunately, a number of issues can interfere with this system, leading to dysfunctional valves. Such valves may allow blood to “reflux,” or flow backwards into the feet. If this occurs, blood will begin to pool in the veins below. This backflow can cause pressure that stretches out the vein wall, leading to bulging, ropy varicose veins. Fluids may also start to build up in the leg itself, leading to uncomfortable swelling.

Vein disease does tend to grow worse over time. If left untreated, it may escalate and lead to blood clots and changes in the skin on the legs (such as ulcers and discoloration).

Fortunately, Maui vein treatment is available to treat both the symptoms and underlying causes of vein disease. Lifestyle changes such as exercise and weight management help many reduce swelling and improve circulation. Minimally invasive treatments are also available to seal off problematic veins from the rest of the circulatory system or remove them completely. Modern vein treatments are safe, comfortable, and effective, providing optimal clinical and aesthetic results.

Varicose veins are raised, ropey, enlarged veins. They usually appear on the legs and are associated with pain, aches, heaviness, swelling, restless legs, or burning and itching of the skin, and in severe cases, can cause ulcers. The condition is very common, especially in women. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, half of all Americans over the age of 40 suffer from varicose veins (HHS). In most cases, varicose veins appear on the lower legs. Varicose veins form when valves in the vein fail. Once a valve becomes incompetent, the vein below the valve is exposed to higher pressure and becomes dilated. This causes other valves to fail and other veins to dilate.

If you are tired of putting up with vein disease, contact our vein clinic in Hawaii to learn more about your options.


Board Certifications
  •  American Board of Surgeons
  •  American Board of Thoracic Surgeons
  •  American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine
Professional Affiliations
  •  American College of Phlebology
  •  American College of Surgeons
  •  Society of Vascular Surgery
  •  Society of Thoracic Surgery
  •  Peripheral Vascular Surgical Society
  •  American College of Chest Physicians
  •  Southern Medical Society

At Vein Clinics of Hawaii, we are here to address a variety of vein related problem in a safe and caring environment. Our center assists patients throughout Hawaii, including Oahu and Maui. We strive to provide our patients with the most advanced treatment methods available while maintaining an environment that treats each patient as an individual. We understand that every situation is unique, which is why we work to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient we treat.


Our Hawaii vein treatment center provides solutions for an array of vein related issues. From the tiniest case of spider veins to the most debilitating complications of chronic venous insufficiency, our highly educated and experienced staff can provide the assistance you need. What’s more, we provide this in a fast and virtually pain-free manner, allowing you to stay comfortable and return to your daily life as quickly as possible. We also offer a number of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, including hair removal, facial fillers, skin rejuvenation, and BOTOX Cosmetic.

Vein Clinics of Hawaii is led by Dr. Randall S. Juleff, a board certified cardiovascular surgeon. Dr. Juleff brings a combination of experience, precise skill, and compassionate, friendly care, allowing him to relieve patients of the discomfort and risks of chronic venous disease. He and the rest of our highly trained staff are here to evaluate your condition, develop a plan to help you achieve your needs and goals, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

As one of the best Maui vein treatment centers, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care possible. We’d love to speak with you further about what our center can do for you: contact us today to learn more.

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